K-9 bites partner in scuffle w/suspect

Local News

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Neighbors are stunned after a burglary in a quiet neighborhood led to an officer’s injury. It happened on Park Haven Court, Friday night.

The homeowners were away and checked their security cameras. They found people in their home who weren’t supposed to be there. They called 911 and officers responded to the scene while the suspects were still inside.

Officer Kristine Haugen and her K-9 partner, Cash, were pursing a suspect in the home when she was bitten.

Anthony Bailey and Demetrius Gibbs are being charged with residential burglary. When Haugen responded to the scene, Gibbs jumped out a second story window. Bailey escaped and hid in an upstairs bathroom.

After talking through the door, Haugen believed Bailey was surrendering and took control of Cash. Bailey then allegedly sprayed the pair with pepper spray and tried to grab her weapon. Gibbs was arrested that night.

Police continued the investigation Saturday morning and arrested Bailey who was in a car in Urbana.

Police obtained two search warrants linked to homes Bailey’s lived in. Electronic devices linked to other area robberies were reportedly found during the search. Officials now believe they may be able to clear other investigations. 

Haugen has not yet returned to work but is reportedly doing okay. Haugen and Cash will continue working together when she returns.

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