CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — I’ve always known I was adopted but I never knew who my birth mother was until a law changed in 2011 gave me access to my birth certificate. After a Google search, a phone call, and a leap of faith, we decided to meet on Mother’s Day.

I was so nervous walking up the door. I really thought I was going to throw up. Waiting for someone to answer felt like an eternity. But then my new sister, Erin, opened the door. It was incredible and the new family kept coming. I met my brother Eric, his wife Any, and their son Noah. My moms hugged and then finally it was THE moment. There she was, the woman who gave me my blue eyes, thick hair and a “I can do it” attitude. There were pictures, gifts and many “Thank you’s.” It was a life-changing day, made even better by the fact that the mom who raised me was there to witness it all.

And that’s what amazes everyone with this story, how my adoptive mom reacted to all of this.

As she put it, “It’s something you needed to find out. It’s your life. It’s your history. How can I not share in the joy that you have and the wonderful story of finding your birth mother and it being a happy ending?”

My happy ending are my two moms who are now best friends. Our celebrations are now spent with our Bonus Family and my moms also get together without me all the time. I wouldn’t be me without either of them. Maybe the new law will mean others can have their happy ending too.

My Bonus Mom said it best, “It really can just fill up all the spaces and give you an opportunity to have one more person in your life who will love you because I don’t think there are any birth parents out there who don’t love their children who were adopted. I hope that people who see this go ‘I’m going to take a risk.’ You can’t do things without risk but it can also be an incredibly beautiful story.”

If you are adopted and are interested in getting your birth certificate, you can START HERE. I hope your story turns out as well as mine did.