It’s official: New police chief

Local News

PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — Paxton officially has a new police chief and the decision comes after the former chief, Bob Bane, was fired last year. 

Coy Cornett stepped in as interim chief in the middle of 2017. Now, he’s promoted to fill that position permanently. 

The Paxton police department looks after the safety of the nearly 4,500 peope who live there. But ever since Bob Bane was fired as the police chief, they’ve needed new leadership. Now they have Coy Cornett. 

“With him we’ve got what the city council expects and what the city of Paxton deserves.”

He’s been an officer and the captain with Paxton police for years. Now he’s stepping into his new role as the chief. 

Mayor Bill Ingold says cornett brings skills to the department that they didn’t have with former chief bane. 

When we asked him waht was not done before that needs to be done now, he said, “That’s difficult to tell you, but I’m going to say you need somebody that has an example that you’re setting and others follow that example.”

With Chief Cornett, they’re looking for more involvement like sending officers to visit schools, making time to check in on businesses, and keep up on officer training. 

“It’s in leadership and being able to work with the community. We just needed a change in leadership and i think we’ve got that now.”

The city and Bob Bane still haven’t given a reason for why he was fired, saying it’s a personnel issue.

One of cornett’s first on the list of things to do as chief is to find a replacement for his old job as captain. He says they already have someone in mind, and plan to fill the position very soon. 

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