CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – A 12-year-old boy is adjusting to life in a wheelchair after he was shot in October. With a suspect now behind bars, his mother is ready to share his story.

Like a lot of boys his age, Lamondre Davis loves to play basketball. But a bullet took that away from him. His mother, Lashandra Davis, hopes to find peace in the suspect’s arrest. But mostly, she can’t wait for the day her son can get back on the court.

“It was a shock, I will say that,” Lashandra Davis said.

She still finds it hard to talk about October 19, the night her son was shot while riding in a car with an older family member.

“Wrong place, wrong time, I don’t know,” she said.

Champaign police say that family member noticed a car was following them and got behind it to try and see who the driver was. That’s when officers say the suspect stopped, pulled out a gun and fired.

“It had to be random. My son – he’s not out here in the streets or anything of that nature,” Davis said. “He’s a straight-A student.”

For months, Davis has been piecing together the story of that night, and she said she’s still trying to fill in some blanks.

“They’re ducking and dodging bullets, nobody could see who it was,” Davis said.

Until now. U.S. Marshals arrested 28-year-old Jamonte Hill at his home, where officers also found a handgun on his bed and a separate magazine.

“Loaded with 11 rounds of ammunition which had been wrapped in a black ski mask, a digital scale, $9,000 of U.S. currency,” Assistant State’s Attorney Regan Radtke said during Hill’s arraignment Wednesday.

Plus $7,000 hidden in a bedframe and traces of suspected drugs. That landed Hill in court Wednesday for two separate cases – an armed habitual criminal charge and the attempted murder of Lamondre Davis.

“It is non-probationable,” Judge Brett Olmstead said. “It’s a mandatory prison crime.”

If convicted of the armed habitual criminal charge, Hill faces up to 30 years in prison. For attempted murder, Olmstead said he could get up to 55 years. Both are Class X felonies. Olmstead set Hill’s bond at $1 million in each case for a total of $2 million.

Meanwhile, Lashandra Davis said being able to put a face to the crime eases some of her pain.

“I’m not sure if I feel as if justice has been served,” she said. “I’m just grateful that someone was held accountable for what happened to him.”

She’s also thankful watching her son return to normal life.

“It’s good to see when he smiles, he’s laughing and joking, he’s back to his old self,” she said.

But some things are different, like “going from a child that was physically active to now with him having to roll around in a wheelchair,” she said. Lamondre suffered a spinal cord injury and only recently got out of the hospital. Davis is looking forward to cheering on her son in his favorite sport, eventually.

“One day he’ll be able to play again,” Davis said. “But now with his injuries, that’s not possible at the moment.”

Davis said she’ll be “forever grateful” for everyone in the community who reached out wanting to help. If you’d like to support the Davis family, you can reach out directly via email to