URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Some mothers spent the holiday at brunch and others spent theirs on a bike.

“Ride Illinois” held a Mother’s Day bike ride Sunday in Urbana. The group invited families to come out and spend the day with each other while also getting active.

The organizer said these events are a great way to get people outside and familiar with the city. Some have been biking for years and for others, it was their first bike ride.

“The more people you have outside enjoying activities, walking, biking, and doing other things the better and safer your community is. People make connections. You can’t make connections in cars,” said Cynthia Hoyle, the group organizer. “But when you’re on a bike you can wave you can stop and chat. So you get to experience the community more completely.”

 A helmet is required for all of her biking events.