MANSFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — It’s been a long week for one Mansfield family and their Goldendoodle, Tess. But their adventure is finally over.

They said losing and finding the dog has inspired them to spread awareness.

“I knew our odds were against us, but I tried to keep positive,” said John Hannah, Tess’ owner.

That positive outlook led to a positive outcome. Tess is finally back home after being stolen along with Hannah’s car and after she was found 710 miles away.

“The guy had left with her and he was taking her to Miami, Florida,” Hannah said. “That’s where he was headed,” said Hannah.

When Hannah got the call that his car was found in Nashville, Tenn., wrecked and without Tess, he didn’t know what to think. But he knew he needed to spring into action and that he wouldn’t have to do it alone.

“There is probably a hundred fliers put up down there,” Hannah said. “We went door to door. Two of my best friends were down there helping me.”

Losing Tess brought out a deeper level of dedication in Hannah. He spent days in Nashville handing out fliers, setting up cameras and doing anything he could to bring Tess home.

“I left objects of mine like a sweatshirt,” Hannah said. “Those types of things to see if we could lure her back to that area.”

Tess and the thief were already long gone, but Hannah said that even the car thief didn’t want to leave her. He said she was too well-behaved and wanted someone to take care of her.

When Hannah got the call that they’d been picked up, he and his wife were on the way.

“We loaded up a few hours later and headed to Alabama,” Hannah said.

If wasn’t for Tess’ chip, getting her wouldn’t have been so easy. Hannah said their situation is proof of why it’s important to get your pet microchipped.

“So, I read it off to them and they said ‘Yes, this is your dog,'” Hannah said.

When they made it back to where she was taken from, they had some people waiting for them.

“I’m going to tell you right now,” Hannah said. “It brought this community together. It really did.”