ISP “flips the script” after record high Scott’s law violations

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PESOTUM, Ill. (WCIA) — 2019 is the deadliest year in history for state troopers.

Sunday, a drunk driver near Chicago hit two state troopers, sending them to the hospital.

This means 26 troopers have been hit (two of those killed) because of drivers who were drunk or not paying attention.

Illinois State Police issued 5,860 tickets so far this year.

Now, ISP social media coordinator Tracy Lillard is “flipping the script” and changing the messaging, in hopes that it will reach people breaking the law.

“It affects me personally. It affects my family personally,” said Lillard. “Obviously those men and women wear the same patch as I do. They wear the same badge. They wear the same uniform. And all of those people that are struck represent myself.”

Lillard used her platform in a different way, taking to social media with a powerful plea.

“Not Trooper Tracy, not Mama Bear, just Tracy.”

Her post has been shared and liked hundreds of times.

“If you guys can see us as human beings just like yourselves, then I think that’s maybe how things are going to start to change,” said Lillard.

She says if people take a second to think of whose family member could be in the car, that’s the “human element” that can get through to everyone.

That’s especially true for Miranda Worstell. She’s a school bus driver, and her husband is a truck driver. “It’s a scary thought to know that there may be a night that somebody is making bad choices, and he might not come home,” she said.

Lillard hopes to break through to people breaking the law, but she says she’ll keep praising those who follow it.

“I like to see the people that are doing the right thing, and I know there’s lots and lots of people that are. It’s just…those people that aren’t clearly keep hitting our cars, and that’s not okay.”

As a reminder, Scott’s law covers everyone on the side of the road…not just police. If you see flashing lights, slow down and move over.

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