ISBE study explores early days in kindergarten

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The State Board of Education wants to make sure every little one entering kindergarten has his or her best shot at success.

New data released by the board highlights the readiness of students during their first days of kindergarten.

It can be a little tough to survey the kids, so teachers collect data in a unique way. Paper and pencil tests are not necessarily the best method to measure skills of kindergartners, so teachers collect data through observation.

The Kindergarten Individual Development Survey uses research collected through teachers watching students.

The data falls into three categories: social and emotional development, language and literacy and math. Kids starting kindergarten come from backgrounds ranging from private preschool to public preschool to no preschool.

Students show skills through different ways of speaking their native language or using a communication board.

More than 100,000 kindergartners were surveyed. 53% showed they were ready in social and emotional development. The data also shows the children were more ready in each category this year than last. Observations started being collected statewide in 2017.

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