Investigation leads to K-2 and arrests

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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Police are investigating several cases of K-2. The drug has been known to cause severe bleeding and death. Authorities say it was being sold out of a motel.

Angela Baker and Antwaneete Atkins were arrested for drug trafficking out of the Tri Manor Motel, on 22nd Street. They were selling for about six months, each bag for $10, and, as of three weeks ago, between 100 – 200 bags daily.

A drug known to kill was sold at the Tri Manor Motel. In some cases around the state, K-2 has been sold with rat poison in it.

“It’s going real bad around here and we see people coming in left and right and dying left and right unfortunately. It’s becoming more of an epidemic.”

When police showed up, they say they found more than 70 bags in the motel and on maintenance worker Baker. She told police she was getting it from her girlfriend and office manager Atkins who gets it from Springfield. They would both repackage the K-2 to sell. People say they’re not surprised.

“No, it doesn’t surprise me. I actually used to live in a neighborhood where they sold a lot of that at community stores.”

“No, not at all. It’s a pretty big problem in Decatur.”

Police say they’ve issued several search warrants in the past couple months for K-2. They expect more to come.

“The sheriff in town is trying to do the best he can to clean up the streets and stuff. I think he’s doing a wonderful job, doing the best he can. Of course, trying to clean up any area with the drugs is hard to do, but he’s making a big effort and I appreciate it.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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