Interstates cause drivers headaches and concerns

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ST. JOSEPH, Ill. (WCIA) — Interstates 74 and 57 have been a headache for drivers all week long. 

There’s construction on 74, and there have been many crashes. 

“It’s very dangerous on I-74 especially with construction going on,” says David Laymon of St. Joseph.

The bangs and bruises of those accidents were left behind on what was left of these cars. 

“But it’s also alarming and concerning about all the accidents out between Danville and Urbana,” says Laymon.  

Between the traffic accidents and construction, drivers are steering clear of the main roads. 

“I went to town a minute ago, I took 150,” says Richard Wagner of St. Joseph. 

While that’s the case for drivers, construction workers can’t take a detour.  

“My brothers are out there. Not necessarily my family, but my construction family,” says Laymon.

David Laymon has to travel on 74 almost every day where he sees that family working hard, so he’s always thinking of their safety.

“So we all try to look out for one another and we’re concerned about the safety for one another,” states Laymon.

For others working on the highway, like Taylor Feldkamp the risks are high.

“It is pretty congested with traffic just running right by you when you’re trying to save someone else, move cars and get debris out of the way and get the road open,” says Feldkamp’s Towing manager, Taylor Feldkamp. 

With those concerns, these drivers have advice for those out on the roads.  

“Watch your road, be careful and stay off the phone in construction zones,” says Wagner

“If you do look at it, maybe instead of standing on the highway, you would stand off down in the ditch by the fence so you’re not getting run over or having any other issues out there,” says Feldkamp.

Illinois State Police says there are several reasons why there are problems on Interstate 74 between Champaign and Danville.

Those include speeding, improper lane usage, driving under the influence, distracted driving, reckless driving, following too closely, inattention, no turn signals, and being an inconsiderate driver.

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