Increased speeding patrol on campus road

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UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) — UI football training camp is bringing extra foot traffic on a busy campus street. Police have been writing tickets and giving warnings to drivers who speed down St. Mary’s road next to the fields.

Tuesday afternoon, an officer caught someone going 17 miles over the speed limit. Because it was so fast, police bypassed a warning and gave the driver a ticket. The limit on St. Mary’s Road is 25 miles per hour. Police say people speed there consistently.

Officers already patrol it, but now they’re dedicating specific time to concentrate on the area around the fields. When practice is going on, there are a lot of people walking around near the road. That, combined with drivers who may not be paying attention, is a safety hazard.

Police say many drivers take this as a shortcut to avoid other busy roads. UI Police Sgt. Laura Tison says, “A lot of people don’t pay attention to that. In Illinois, they’re not used to driving down hills. Part of it is that it’s 25 mph down that road but Florida and Kirby is a little bit faster. People forget they’re on a different road and they need to slow down.” 

Police say the problem goes beyond speeding. There’s a four way stop, so if you run a stop sign they’ll pull you over for that too. 

The open training camp goes until August 18, but police say they’ll continue to patrol this road beyond that date.

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