CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — Nicholas Guadgnola is lucky to be alive today after a bullet shot through his apartment ceiling. 

It happened last Sunday night on Nov. 6 near Hessel Park on Valley Road off of Kirby Avenue. 

Guadgnola first shared the experience on Tik Tok, where about 16 million people watched his story. 

He said he was sitting at his desk coding on his computer when he heard a loud bang. 

“I thought they just dropped something heavy,” he said.  “I didn’t realize it would sound like that. I’ve never been shot at inside my apartment before.” 

Then, he noticed dust falling on him. He said when he looked up, he saw the bullet hole in his ceiling. 

“I got up out of my chair to check myself if I was shot or anything,” he said. “I lifted up my shirt and I made sure I wasn’t injured or anything like that. As soon as I realized that I wasn’t injured, I dialed 911 as fast as possible. I never dialed 911 that fast.” 

Champaign Police said they searched the apartment where the bullet came from. They found two unlawfully owned firearms and arrested 21-year-old Omari Foster and 25-year-old Rolan Jones.