MOUNT VERNON, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — Video released by the Illinois State Police on Friday showed Fredrick Goss, a 55-year-old inmate on trial for armed robbery and exchanging gunfire with police, lunge for a correction officer’s firearm, and then struggle with him on the ground. A second deputy entered the room and shot Goss during the altercation.

Footage of the incident, released Friday on an Illinois State Police Facebook page, appeared to show Goss grabbing an officer’s gun and struggling with him before a deputy stepped in and shot Goss, who was hospitalized. Police did not release further details about his injuries.

Goss was at the Jefferson County Courthouse earlier this month for a trial. He was uncuffed while being transported in a wheelchair to trial where he was to be unrestrained.

The correctional officer had minor injuries while the deputy wasn’t hurt, according to state police.

“To protect the life of the correctional officer and himself, the deputy confronted the armed inmate and was forced to fire his weapon,” police said in a news release. “The inmate was injured by the gunfire. Immediate assistance was requested.”

A message left Sunday for Matt Vaughn, a public defender in Jefferson County who has represented Goss, wasn’t immediately returned.

Online court records show the case is scheduled for a Nov. 30 status hearing.