Iguodala endorses hometown Boys and Girls Club

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Three time NBA champion, NBA finals MVP, and Springfield native Andre Iguodala will now be appearing on endorsements for the Central Illinois Boys and Girls Club. 

“It’s god it’s god’s purpose, this is what god intended to occur with Andre,” Iguodala’s mother, Linda Shanklin said. “So it’s, i guess the best way that i could explain it is he’s fulfilling his purpose.”

Shanklin is a board member at the club.

Growing up, iguodala would spend a lot of time at the building on monroe and thirteenth. 

“I was a single mom had two boys who had energy out of this world needed to keep them focused, needed to put them in an environment that was basically that would lend itself to them being productive citizens,” Shanklin said.

Shanklin says her son typically likes to stay behind the scenes. 

The Central Illinois Boy’s and Girls Club is growing at a rapid pace, and CEO Tiffany Mathis wanted a great role model to represent their new and old programs 

There are now 17 after-school programs sponsored by the boys and girls club in Springfield and Jacksonville, with five more opening by January. 

“For him to see what we’re doing, because we put in the time and the work,” Mathis said. “And it now is something that he feels strongly about making sure that we have the support that we need, and then he’s able to lend his voice to us, I think, speaks volumes.”

Shanklin didn’t know how long it would take for all of this to come together. She was prepared to play the mom card, but Iguodala was on board right away.

“Andre drives me crazy. I just picked the phone up. Late evening, cause Andre is up, he’s always up late,” Shanklin said. “And I just said, hey, can you do this for me? And he said, yes. I never get him that easy. I never get him that easy.”

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