CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — Jorge Elvir, Champaign’s community relations manager, is working to reduce gun violence. 

It comes after a husband and wife in their seventies were shot on Thursday afternoon in Champaign at Heritage Drive and Clayton Boulevard. 

Champaign Police said a man walked up and fired at them. Then, the suspect left the area.

The couple is still in the hospital but in stable condition. 

Neighbors are worried, one neighbor said the next day, Friday, was scarier because there are still many unanswered questions. 

One woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she walks with her child multiple times a week in the area and has recently noticed more crime. 

Her husband added that he’s noticed a lot more street racing and wants to see a change. 

Elvir helps lead the Community Safety and Justice Division in Champaign. His team of justice victim advocates is social workers. Together, they provide support as part of the Community Gun Violence Reduction Blue Print.

“When there’s a shooting, we go out, we canvas the neighborhood, the surrounding blocks of where the shooting took place,” Elvir said. “Talk to community members, hand out fliers of different resources that are available to them.”

The group handed out fliers in the neighborhood a few hours after Thursday’s shooting. 

One neighbor filled out one of the fliers, including what she heard and how it made her feel. She said when she heard the gunshots, she thought it was her furnace popping. 

Elvir’s team will use that information to figure out what neighbors want to feel safe, then, they’ll go back to the neighborhood on Monday to talk specifics. 

“Individuals who are impacted by gun violence are not just the victims of the gun violence itself, but the community around,” Elvir said. “Sometimes they need support, they need assistance, so we are going around and doing that as well.”

Down the line, he said there will be a bigger community meeting. 

“The community’s involved, engaged, they have questions, they have ideas. And they care about the community,” Elvir added. 

The Community Safety and Justice Division are not involved in the investigation. 

Champaign Police said no arrests have been made and the investigation is still ongoing.