Hot temperatures call for dangerous car conditions

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA)– The days of extreme heat are just beginning, and it’s important to remember not everyone reacts to heat the same way. But when it comes to sitting in a hot car, the danger increases. The CDC says in as little as 10 minutes a car can rise 20 degrees. Leaving a child or an animal in a hot car can not only have legal consequences but deadly ones also. Police say the punishment for leaving a pet is a fine from your city. But leaving a child in a car could mean jail time. Professionals suggest putting something in the back seat to help you remember if there’s a child back there. Also, to try and avoid traveling with pets that way there’s no chance of them being left behind. Law enforcement says they want people to call if there is a pet or person in a hot car. It helps to keep them alive.

“We really take seriously anybody who’s left in a vehicle in those conditions because quite honestly, whether you’re a pet or a person when the heat gets this hot. Even if you’re not in a vehicle human lives are at stake at pets lives are at stake,” Champaign County Sherrif Dustin Heuerman says.

It’s also important for people to know the signs of heat illness.
“It’s important for people who are going to have kids in the car or disabled or elderly people in the car to know some of the warning signs of stress whether that be heat exhaustion or heat stroke,” Aaron Lack with the Champaign Police Department explains.

After you call they want you to stay with them and use your judgment on how to sever the situation is. Throughout the day, temperatures both in and outside of cars will rise, so remember to look before you lock your car.

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