Honoring the birthday of missing U of I scholar

Local News

URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Thursday was missing U of I scholar Yingying Zhang’s birthday.

Supporters posted a video on social media to remind people of how much she means to her family and friends. She’s been missing since June 9th and the FBI believes she is dead. But on her birthday, people are taking time to remember her life and this video was a touching tribute to her.

It shows several moments of joy with her family and gives people a glimpse into her life and what she means to the people who love her most. At the end, it captures a promise that her boyfriend made to her.

Her family describes her as caring and compassionate. She came to the U.S. to study agriculture in hopes of returning to her home in China to provide for her family. This video is a touching reminder of how her family will never give up searching for her.

“We need to find her. We must find her. And we will find her.”

Her family came to the U.S. to search for her, but after five agonizing months with very few answers they made the decision to go back to China in November. They said they plan to return if there’s another break in the case. This video shows how much they love and care about her.

So often in news we report on crime and hardships. But this is a day to focus on this young woman’s life and the impact she had on people through her ambition and her character.

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