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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Today is a special day to honor and say thank-you to those who work hard every day. It’s National Nurses Day. Although, every day is a reason to thank them. We talked to two labor and delivery nurses about why they love the field.

For Carle Labor and Delivery Nurse Elise Howe, her patient’s needs change constantly. “Every patient has a different story, and even every delivery and every pregnancy is so different. It’s nice to kindof keep the variety every day. It makes it interesting and kindof keeps you on your toes,” said Howe.

She says she still makes it a priority to connect with all of them. “The biggest thing is getting to know them on a personal level and being able to use, not just saying your baby, but calling their baby by the name,” Howe explained. “Even when there is a loss, it’s something that you really, really bond with that family. There’s nothing that you can do to take their pain away or make things better, but to be there and be supportive throughout that journey is a really special experience,” said Howe.

Dottie Mumm has been a labor and delivery nurse for about 25 years, but she says she never gets tired of it. “It’s pretty neat when somebody sees you in the grocery store that you were there for their birth and they still remember you.”

For both women, it’s the bonds with their patients that keep them coming back every day.

“Every now and then you’ll have somebody where they just say like, ‘I’m just so glad you were there. I was really struggling and you kindof came through to me when I needed someone,'” said Howe.

“It’s like, the best job. I can’t explain it other than that, it’s the best job to have in the world,” said Mumm.

Nurses at Carle have dealt with some changes because of COVID-19, but they say most of their day-to-day is the same. One big change is a scrub station where they can change out of their scrubs and shower before heading home.

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