Honor Guard: Heroes honoring heroes

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Operation Honor Guard depends on those in uniform. Throughout the day, dozens of veterans have volunteered their time; each with his own story to tell and reason for being here.

“I’ve always worn my patriotism on my sleeve.”

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, people started opening their hearts for Operation Honor Guard.

“Everybody’s happy. They’re happy to put out money. We’ve had anywhere from a dollar to change to 50’s to 100’s and it’s just wonderful.”

If you stopped by to make a donation, you may have noticed Terry Ferchow. The veteran always wears a smile on his face.

Edwin Cook is a commander in Champaign and collected donations until duty called. He left to honor one of the fallen.

“When they call, it’s just our duty to go and perform proper services for a military burial.”

Raymond Buck almost lost his life for the country. Part of his leg was blown off while he was serving.

“I got a Silver Star, a Purple Heart, three Bronze Stars, I got a Combat Medical badge.”

Dozens of vets all volunteering for the same reason.

“It’s the last thing we can do for our fellow veterans to be at their service when they pass on.”

Every dollar donated will help Honor Guards around the area. Many say it’s the greatest honor they can give.

“I felt as though that was the last thing I could do as a fellow veteran was be out there, shoot the volley, have Taps played. That is the best honor you could ever give somebody.”

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