Homeowner frustrated with dilapidated property next door

Local News

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — An area homeowner says she’s fed up with an abandoned house next door. Donna Morris, whose mother lives on Peach Street, says the people living next door haven’t been around in years.

In the meantime, the home keeps deteriorating. It’s led to overgrown poison ivy and poison oak, as well as limbs and other vines invading her yard. The home even caught fire about four years ago. Morris has contacted every official she can think of, but says nothing has changed.

“The poison ivy. I mean, it’s growing up the trees. Yesterday I was cutting off limbs, and I mean I’ve sprayed and sprayed and sprayed, and it just keeps coming back. And until it’s destroyed it’s always gonna be there,” said Morris. “[My mother] owns this home. She just paid it off. She should be able to enjoy it now.”

We talked to Vermilion County Health Administrator Doug Toole. He says they’ve been receiving complaints about that property since the 90’s. He added that the homeowners haven’t paid taxes since 2013. They would have to pay nearly $7,000 by next July to keep the property. Otherwise it will be seized for non-payment of taxes and put up for auction.

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