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VERMILION COUNTY, Ill (WCIA)– People in one Vermilion County village are worried about a proposed pig confinement that could be going in just outside town. It’s supposed to be going up in Indianola. But the people of Ridge Farm have not been told much at all. Aside from a possible location for the confinement which is two miles down wind of the Village of Ridge Farm. That’s one of their biggest concerns.

People we spoke with say they’re worried if this happens, how the smell is going to affect their quality of life and property values.

A little more than a quarter miles away from Rick Rife’s drive way is where he’s been told a hog confinement will be built.

“The quality of life is going to completely change here 100%. I don’t care if I put this house up for sale. I’m going to lose money on it now,” Rick Rife says.

He says when the work started he was told it was going to be a house. But last week he learned it’s something else entirely.

“I just found out on Monday when I seen trucks down there and they were measuring for a building getting ready to put in buildings,” Rife explains. “He come down and I confronted him and he said he didn’t want to put it by his house because his wife didn’t like the smell. I ain’t the only upset one. There’s a lot of upset people around here. I mean a lot.”

The Village of Ridge Farm is also worried how it will affect them. The mayor says they haven’t been given any information on the confinement but to inform the people who live there, shes posted this statement on their Facebook page.

Statement from Ridge Farm mayor.

But even if they get the required number of signatures, there’s no guarantee they’ll get the meeting.

As for Rife, he says there’s no way this should be built, and not only for him and his daughter’s sake.

“I’m concerned for everyone’s health. Not just hers, everybody around the community. Everybody around here. Every bodies health.”

Right now there are only poles up marking where the building will be built. We called the owner twice to find out when the confinement would be finished and for a comment on the accusations made by Rife. He did not get back to us.

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