Hobbico employees weigh future options

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Many are facing the reality after the final sale of Hobbico to Horizon Hobby.

Friday many walked to their cars with their belongings after they lost their jobs. Some were offered the opportunity to stay by Horizon Hobby others were not as lucky.

 Hobbico has been dealing with financial issues and even filed bankruptcy. The company will now be managed under the Horizon Hobby name. Several were given termination papers at work Friday. 

“Many of us have worked together for 20-30 years kind of building the company up and it’s just sad.” 

For some it’s the end of an era. Hobbico in Champaign is now under new management. And several are left with an uncertain future. We caught up with one woman after she found out she’d been let go.

“Today people from horizon met with us individually to tell us whether or not we were being retained or whether we were being let go.” 

She worked in advertising for 30 years. Her department is not the only one dealing with the restructuring.

Hobbico was in a financial mess — and the decision was made to sell it to Horizon Hobby.
“A lot of the people in my department were offered different positions or temporary positions I think some areas where horizon had duplication they’re not keeping us.” 

Many employees received termination papers. But for some they get the chance to reapply for their current job. More than 15 departments have posted openings on the horizon hobby website.

“Hobbico had many meetings for us helping us because so many of us had been there for so many years.” 

The lady we talked to says it’s not the news she wanted. But she’s hopeful for the future.

‘It’s been hard all I can say is it’s been hard.”

“I’m going to look for a job.”

A temp agency is helping employees either reapply for their current job or find another. 

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