ST. JOSEPH, Ill. (WCIA) — High schoolers at St. Joeseph-Ogden High School competed in a nationwide competition this afternoon. The SJO Constitution team worked their way to We the People Congressional Hearing National Finals as a wild card after getting second at state. Students have been learning about specific sections of the constitution and how they apply to current-day problems. Some of the subjects were about how the pandemic was handled and equal rights problems. The teacher sponsor for the group said learning about the constitution and talking about current issues is very important.

St. Joe-Ogden High School Civics Teacher Marshall Schacht said, “The thing I love about this program is it doesn’t teach us how to be divided. It teaches us the principles of the constitution that we all agree upon. That’s one thing that is really cool is everyone has a different perspective on these issues, but we all gain an understanding of the constitution.”

They are still waiting for the final results for the weekend. If they score high enough, they will compete again tomorrow in the top 12.