CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)- Sophia Libman is a high school student who decided to help out families during the pandemic by creating a virtual after school program. “When the pandemic started, I felt bad for many families in the community, and I wanted to find a way to help that was safe, fun, and educational at the same time while helping parents,” said Libman. X-time provides free online zoom activities for elementary school students; all the classes are free and have a wide range of physical activity courses. Ranging from gymnastics, yoga, and martial arts.

In October, she’ll include even a wider range of creative writing and acting courses. Parent Robyne Glass has been looking for a way to occupy her kids with more time at home, so she decided to have them participate and say it comes with many benefits. “It’s pretty exciting because one we don’t have to drive, two were socially distancing, and three it’s still a fun activity both of my children will enjoy,” said Glass. Libman came up with the name “X-time” because “X” represents the value of the unknown, so she hopes the program will show kids the value in learning something new. “X is the variable that’s constantly changing just like the classes, so my hope doing this is that children can find their X like a new interest or hobby that they haven’t yet learned about.”