High school needs community vote

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MT.PULASKI, Ill. (WCIA)– They’re teaching the next generation of students in a building built over 100 years ago. Staff at Mt. Pulaski High School says that has to change.

“It’s starting to show its age. We’ve got some cracks in the floors. We’ve got some cracks in the walls. We’re using old steam heat,” said the principal of Mt. Pulaski High School, Terry Morgan. The school has three wings. One wing of the school is over 100 years old. “Whether tax payers realize it or not they are putting money into this building because we’re constantly fixing the plumbing, the heating,” said Morgan.

There are about four classrooms that are currently off limits to students because they are unsafe. Teachers and staff at the high school are hoping to build a new building. “Just walking into a facility where you know it’s brand new and the community values education to a point that they want to build something for the students that’s brand new, I think would put everyone in a different mindset entering the building each day,” said Gale Clark, teacher at Mt. Pulaski High School.

Not only will it improve mindset, they say it will improve conditions for students. A few years ago a piece off the top of this building fell and the entryway had to be blocked off because it was unsafe for students and staff. “Probably the thing I’m most concerned about is just building safety. We have an entryway right now that people buzz into but there’s no set place to check into the office. People could literally buzz in and have free reign in the building,” said Morgan.

A new wing will cost about 10 million dollars. That’s why they need the community’s support on Election Day. “November 6th, there’s a ballot. They need to vote yes for the renovation,” said Morgan.

Teachers say this vote is for the entire community. “I know everyone in the community will be super jacked when we build a new building and so will the students,” said Clark.

Mt. Pulaski High School staff are hoping the community will support.

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