MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — This year’s weather has done a number on central Illinois crops. Farmers can expect even more heat in the coming weeks.

A Monticello farmer said the dry weather set his corn back for the year, but there’s still a chance for a decent bean yield.

Central Illinois is expecting another dry spell next week, but Jake Lieb is hoping for more rain. He said late-summer storms could help increase the bean size and yield.

He added that since the dry conditions were localized, his Piatt County fields will look different than fields closer to Effingham.

But that’s part of the farming gamble.

“It can be frustrating because you can put in all the hours you want,” Lieb said. “You can get everything right on paper, but you’re still at the mercy of Mother Nature and the grain markets. It’s a give-and-take game for sure. We take what we can get and what Mother Nature can give us.”

He hopes Mother Nature’s answer to a dry summer isn’t a wet harvest season. That is expected to start near the end of September.

Lieb also asked for driver’s patience during this harvest season. Farm equipment caps out at 20 miles per hour.