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DANVILLE — Strangers from across the U.S. are coming together to help out the Danville Community. It’s a partnership between AmeriCorps and Habitat for Humanity. They’re tearing houses apart, to build them back up for other people.

One of the AmeriCorps workers, Jay Chi says, “It’s important to help others and be selfless in what you do and how you act.”

Nine people from nine different states, and all of them are coming together here in Danville to restore part of the community.

Jay Chi says, “It’s nice to know that we’re making a difference, making a house into a home.”

With a little elbow grease, and a lot of leg work, these people are spending about seven weeks here building houses. They already completed one, and by the time they’re done, they plan to finish two.

AmeriCorps worker Erica Fuller says, “Dry walling, electrical work, putting in cabinets, cleaning cabinets, painting, priming the walls, sanding, a whole long list of things.”

It’s hard work, but they say it’s all worth it. The team is part of AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps Program. They work on community service projects all over the U.S.

Paul Sermersheim is the director at Danville Habitat for Humanity. He says, “They might think they’re driving a nail or sanding a wall, but they’re helping to provide independence for someone and stability for someone that’s going to last a lifetime.”

He says they definitely could use the help, and the AmeriCorps workers say that’s what they’re here for.

“Being able to positively impact people in the communities we’re working in and being a part of something much bigger than myself. We’re here and we’re getting a lot done for people and it’s really inspiring.”

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