Heavy rainfall leads to flooding

Local News

BETHANY, Ill. (WCIA) — Heavy rainfall led to flooding and road closures.

State Highway 121 was closed off near N. Church Street Wednesday afternoon, after more than two inches of rain fell in the area within the past day.

Viewer Demi Webb shared photos of the flooding at its peak in the afternoon.

Angie Yarnell, who lives off of Church Street, said she could not reach her driveway after water rose up to the base of a bridge.

“Because the water goes through here so fast, it washes out the rock on the other side and it’s a pretty deep drop off,” Yarnell said. “So I can’t go that way, I’ll have to go to the neighbor’s and walk over.”

By Wednesday night, Yarnell said water once again began rising, reaching the second rail of the bridge.

Jane Williams, who lives off of Church Street and Lane Drive, said the rain left mud in her shed, but did not seep into her garage. She said this was the first season in years where she had moved her lawn mower from the shed to the garage, so it wasn’t damaged in Wednesday’s flooding.

“I was scared, I was crying,” Williams said. “But I didn’t have the bulk of the damage so I was lucky.”

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