Harvest Heritage: Greer Family Farms

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PIATT/DEWITT COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Kristin Greer is living the dream.

She is farming her family ground southwest of Deland, doing university research applicable to her operation, and is watching her children learn the farming operation.

“My husband and I farm here in Piatt County and in Dewitt County,” Greer says. “We’ve got about 600 acres. This is my family’s farm; this is where I grew up. This farm right here that we’re on would have been purchased by my great grandpa, great grandpa Elver Martin, and he gave that to grandpa and grandma when they got married.

“It’s pretty amazing to grow up on the farm, with my family all farming together, and then be able to continue that and keep it going, have my kids here. It’s pretty amazing.”

Her research colleagues look to her because she verifies their agronomic assumptions.

“I’m a senior research specialist in crop sciences,” she says. “With that work I have been there for 22 years.  I think this is my 22nd year. And I have done a lot of nutrient research management over the years.

“If we want to study different farming methods, different nitrogen treatments and all that, then I will manage that over the top of a tile drainage system and we can monitor how much is lost in the different systems.”

She works with Dr. Laura Christiansen in water quality research.

“Kristin plays an essential role not only in our research but also in our outreach programming,” Christiansen says. “Her farming experience gives practical insight into the opportunities and challenges of the conservation practices we’re working to promote.”

But research and farming have to be balanced with raising kids.

“It’s a lot to juggle, but luckily I have a very supportive husband, and our kids have gotten very used to being part of the operation and being in tow, riding in the trucks and combines with us,” Greer says. “It is interesting my husband also works in Ag research so a lot of our nightly conversations are focused on agriculture; either what’s going on at work on in industry, or here on the farm, so that part keeps us very busy and focused on farming.”

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