“Handmaids” plead for lawmakers’ support

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Women dressed as characters from the book and TV show “A Handmaid’s Tale” made an appearance at the Capitol Wednesday.

They were there to call on lawmakers to act on legislation they say will protect women’s health.

The handmaids said seeing Alabama lawmakers nearly outlaw abortions influenced them to call on Illinois lawmakers to remove restrictions on abortions.

The handmaids stood with lawmakers in front of the Capitol asking for the General Assembly to make a move on the Reproductive Health Act.

The bill is designed to give anyone who becomes pregnant, the right to choose whether she has the baby or not. The bill was referred to the house rules committee in March and hasn’t moved since.

Lawmakers said now is the time for action while opponents are calling for Illinois to pay attention to states which stopped the measure.

Counterprotestors against the bill said they wanted to protest peacefully to make sure lawmakers know there are still people who are against the measure.

With all the proposals lawmakers are trying to work through before session ends, they believe there is still time to get this bill out of committee for a vote.

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