Handful of armed robberies leave some worried

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Some are on edge after a recent string of armed robberies.

These happened within the past few weeks. The most recent one was at the McDonald’s near Bowman Ave and Johnson St.

People say they just simply want the robberies and crime to stop.

With a handful of armed robberies in the past few weeks, they’re worried these types of crimes could be on the rise.

“I was actually really shocked that all these crimes in Danville are taking place.”

After four armed robberies in just the last few weeks, many in Danville are making sure they’re aware of their surroundings.

“I’m really just being cautious, I have younger kids, younger cousins and so I really just want the violence to stop.”

Police say a Circle K in town was robbed. Before that, a Family Video.

The McDonald’s on Bowman and Johnson was also held up by knifepoint.

Investigators have made arrests in those cases. They’re still looking for more information into another robbery near Gilbert and Harrison Streets. That’s where a 25-year old woman says she was robbed after someone pointed a gun at her.

Latrice Greenwood says it’s frustrating that these crimes are happening.

“I’m concerned for my safety and my families safety.”

Others living in Danville say it didn’t always used to be like this.

“It was never that bad back in 1970.”

Pam Edmond says takes action to try to stay safe. She doesn’t walk around outside at night.

“It’s scary and stuff, and my boyfriend doesn’t like me out at dark time, so i’m usually in at darktime because he’s scared something could happen to me.”

“At night yes, at night it’s a whole different situation.”

Greenwood also says while walking around during the day is fine, she sticks to groups when the sun goes down. 

“At nighttime go out in groups, more than one person, basically stick together. I just really hope it stops, I hope the police crack down on what’s going on in Danville.”

Both women say they think the police department is doing what they can to help, and they understand law enforcement can’t patrol everything that happens in town.

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