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Update: 7:45 pm, 4/22/19, Monday

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — There are some possible changes in the works for people living in one Danville neighborhood, but they won’t come easy.

Fair Oaks was just in the news last week after a video was posted on Facebook of a fight at the housing complex. That led to two arrests and mob action charges.
Now, housing authority leaders are applying for a federal grant that would make the complex safer.

It’s called an Emergency Safety and Security grant, but it’ll take some leg work – the city has to go through a detailed application process to even be considered. 

If Danville’s Housing Authority is chosen, a lot of the money will go toward adding a fence around Fair Oaks to keep people who don’t live there from causing problems. 

“When you start investing in public housing, when you start investing in housing in general, the community itself will starting increasing with that,” said Danville Housing Authority Jaclyn Vinson. 

The grant could give them up to $250,000.

“Stopping the traffic flow, pedestrian flow of people roaming into the complex so easily I think would put a damper on some of the negative activity that’s happened,” said Danville Mayor Ricky Williams. 

If these areas of violence improve, the hope is that all other areas nearby will improve along with it. 

“Sometimes we get unecessarily and unfairly a bad rap, and I think that helping the people of Fair Oaks helps us all.”

The city is also looking into to give the housing authority ownership of the sidewalk around Fair Oaks. This would give them the power to ask people to move away from the sidewalk when there’s a problem with loitering. 

The city hopes to have that approved by the city council on May 21st. The application is due on June 5th to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Original: 11:58 a.m, 4/22/19, Monday 

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The Housing Authority of the City of Danville (HACD) is working on completing an Emergency Safety and Security grant to add more security cameras and fencing around Fair Oaks.

HACD leaders have been working on the application for several months.

It requires details about why HACD meets the criteria for the funding, including crime statistics and data.

The applications for the grant are due in June. 

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