POTOMAC, Ill. (WCIA) — Students in Our Town decided to take a shot at archery.

Some joined the team as early as 4th grade and have stayed with it through graduation. The Armstrong-Potomac Archery Team has more than 80 kids on it.

“Ready, aim, fire.”

“I like the puzzle of it. You take, you have to do the same thing, the same way, every single time in order to get the same result.”

Lauren Hawker started archery when she was in grade school. Now, she’s a coach.

“This is one of those activities where kids from every skill level, every ability can do everything together.”

Other kids agree, it’s not just about the sport.

“I like making the friendships and it’s nice to meet new people, go to different places. And, archery is really a mind game and it helps with other sports.”

The team has taken home dozens of awards since the program started in the early 2000’s. It’s given nearly 100 kids another activity to take part in.

“It’s a newer thing, but more schools are picking up on it.”

“It’s really a good thing to get into. It helps talk to other people and be social with people. I like it and I think everyone else should try it.”

Each year, more schools are adding archery. Students say it’s great to know there’s another place for them to fit in.

“You have your group at school, and this is a different group. It’s a family, so we enjoy it.”

Coaches Kris and Gary Hawker knew nothing about the sport when they took over. Their daughter, Lauren, came home one day and said they needed a coach. They’ve stuck with it ever since.