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ST. JOSEPH, Ill. (WCIA) — At St. Joseph Grade School on Wednesday, students had the opportunity to snack in class while also helping out a local family. One student’s mother is recovering from an aneurysm.

“We’re going to all the classes in the school to sell sweets and we’re hoping to get a lot of money so we can give it to the Criter family,” says student Ava Overstreet.

The students selling the sweets are third graders in a math enrichment group. They started their annual candy sale five years ago. Each year, they give their profits to charity. But this year, their cause hit close to home.

“We just wanted to support and love on a family in our third grade since it was third graders doing it,” says their teacher Mindy James.

The students spent six weeks learning about finances and this was a way to put their skills to the test. They wheeled around two carts with lemonade, candy, and chips. Students going to the carts brought money from home and most of them chose to donate their change to the Criters.

Another fundraiser for the family has 50 donors and has raised over $5,000. Money from the class will be added to that. At last count, students had raised $1,500 with half the school still left to visit.

“They are the ones that are selling and doing the project,” says James. “But all of the kids in the whole school are super kids because they are coming underneath the project and supporting it. We just have a full school full of super kids. Super heroes.”

They have no plans for a second day of sales right now. But the class says it is possible they will come back with more later in the semester.

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