Giving a new kind of ride to a child

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DANVILLE, Ill (WCIA)– Some high schoolers have decided to help others instead of themselves.

Seniors at Danville’s Schlarman Academy have been raising money since they were freshmen to take a senior trip.

But they decided to stay home and put that money back into their community.

The seniors raised more than $4,000.

They’ve taken part of that money and bought an AmTryke for a little boy in Hoopeston.

“The thought that they’ve done away with their senior trip to donate money to charities and organizations I think it’s pretty heartfelt,” Amanda Baird Chase’s mom says.

They have broken years of tradition.

Instead of going on a trip together, they’re giving away the money they raised.

Donna Carleton-Vish with AMBUCS says the gift they’ve given away is priceless.

“We were blown away when these kids came to us and said we want to forgo our senior trip and do something for someone else,” Donna Carleton-Vish with Danville AMBUCS says.

They’ve done one project a month all semester and they’ve made a huge difference in their community.

For their last project, they gave a little boy the chance to take a ride the way a lot of other kids do.

He’s riding his new AmTryke.

 “A special tricycle for persons who are not able to ride a traditional tricycle or bicycle,” Carleton-Vish says.

Chase Baird has Joubert Syndrome.

He rides trikes like this one at school, but when his mom told him he was taking one home, he was overcome with joy.

“His mouth about hit the floor and he was jumping up and down,” Baird says.

As for the seniors who made this happen they are proud of what they’ve done.

“Everyday when we talk about our service projects we still talk about Mark Denman and Work Source. We still talk about them. It just shows we’re building memories while giving to others and that makes me really proud,” Faith Wright says.

In just a couple weeks these seniors will be graduating.

They say they’ve made gotten memories out of their service projects then they think they would have on a trip.

Danville AMBUCS raises money all year to give away trikes like the one Chase got.

Every year they put about 65 out into the community. 

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