From the Farm: Soybean board vote

Local News

(WCIA) — The Illinois Department of Agriculture is holding a referendum for soybean farmers to change the terms for farmer-leaders on the Illinois Soybean Program Operating Board.

Soybean Board Chairman Doug Schroeder says the referendum proposes a simple change for Board members.

“We’ve got to change our current set up from two 3-year terms to three 3-year terms,” says Schroeder. “It would put us in line with every other commodity organization in the state.  By the time you get on a board and been on 6 years, you’ve just kind of really got things figured out and you are terming off.  So this would provide some better leadership at the higher level.”

Most producer-lead commodity boards have a hard time recruiting farmers to run for election to the board.

“Unfortunately, that’s true,” says Schroeder. “It’s harder and harder to find people to commit to the time. And this way we would have to recruit fewer people, and they would be again more prepared and better aware of what’s going on because they have been on longer.”

WCIA asks, how does one cast a ballot?

“Sure, the way to vote is go to your computer, I just did it, Google in IDOA. That’s all you have to do, that will take you to Illinois Department of Ag, and you will scroll down and you will see, ‘soybean referendum.’ It will come up there, you request a ballot. IDOA will send you a ballot, and you send it back in,” he says. “Its as simple as that.”

Is this a majority of everybody who votes?

“Correct, correct,” says Schroeder. “Simple majority of everybody that votes. So please vote. Please vote yes to go from two three-year terms to three, three-year terms and you’ll have a better organization in the long run.”

Voting ends on Jan. 29.

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