From drug addiction to recovery

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — On Monday night, Tim Ryan shared his story of recovery and redemption with people in Danville. 

His name may sound familiar to some. Ryan is the star of the A&E show called ‘Dope Man’. But before that, he spent decades as a drug addict. The room at Second Church of Christ was packed with people who came to hear his story. Ryan is an author, a speaker across the nation, and started the foundation called “A Man in Recovery” to help addicts and their families. 

From the speaker on stage, to those sitting in the audience, many had something in common: Addiction. 

Tim Ryan said, “14 years old drinking, 15 years old doing cocaine, off to college hallucinogenics, ecstasy, you name it.” 

Ryan is known for sharing his struggle of addiction and victory in recovery with people across the U.S. On this night, people were inspired by his words and motivation. 

Matthew Scott knows the crippling power of drug addiction too well. He said, “I was seeking out that next hit. It didn’t matter what I did, lie to family, stole from family. My parents worrying day in and day out if they were getting a phone call when I wasn’t locked up that I was dead found on the side of a road or in a bathroom dead from an overdose.” 

Scott had a choice: die from it or don’t. He said, “My middle son he looked at my parents and said I didn’t think I’d ever see him again.” He chose to quit and is almost two years sober. 

Others, like Trisha Brown, have a more recent history with drugs. She says, “I’ve done heroin on and off for the last five years.” But among addiction, many of these people also have one other very important thing in common: Recovery.

Brown says, “I just came back from a relapse. I’m 60 days clean today. There is a better life out there for people who want to be sober and i’m enjoying every day of it.” 

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