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Latest: 10:00 pm, 4/26/17, Wednesday 

CHARLESTON — The Eastern Illinois University community joined friends and family to remember a student who was shot to death. 

23-year old Byron Edingburg was shot on 7th Street, early Saturday morning.

Students say people usually don’t see each other coming out on campus to support events, but this is something serious enough to come together for.

The memorial service for Byron Edingburg was held in the EIU Grand Ballroom, of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Student Union.

They were able to write memories and send messages to his family. Some hope positive change will come to the campus.

“This is really good and, as long as people continue to show their support and stride forward, then campus can be a better place for everybody,” says EIU junior, Nia Douglas. 

“It effects the entire community. It effects the people that go to school with him. Hopefully this puts something in the back of someone’s head and shows them maybe I should stop with the violence,” says EIU senior, Lindsey Johnson. 

EIU faculty and staff were also at the service in support of Edingburg and his family. A candlelight vigil was held after the memorial service.  

Latest: 6:00 pm, 4/26/17, Wednesday

CHARLESTON — A memorial service was held in memory of an EIU student who was shot to death. 23-year old Byron Edingburg was shot on 7th Street, in the early morning hours of Saturday.

The service started at 6 pm, in the Grand Ballroom of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Union for the memorial. Many are coming together to celebrate his life. The event featured spoken tributes from his friends.

Other faculty and and student also have the chance to share their thoughts on the loss. Campus officials are glad to be able to bring everyone together for such a tragic event.  

“It shows there’s a great strength here among our students, staff and faculty having joined together for our students,” says Vice President of Student Affairs Lynette Drake.

Drake says this is the first time she’s experienced the loss of a student on campus. She says, even though they’re holding this memorial, the counseling center is still available for students on campus.

Police have also released the name of the other person shot the same night as Byron Edingburg. 20-year old Akeem Willliams was the second man hurt in the shooting. He has since been released from the hospital.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers. You can remain anonymous and may earn a cash reward.  

1 (866) 345 – 8488 
Text: “crimeleads” + info to CRIMES (274637) 
Update: 4:00 pm, 4/25/17, Tuesday 

CHARLESTON — Eastern Illinois University is holding a memorial service to honor a student who was shot and killed this weekend.

23-year old Byron Edingburg will be remembered Wednesday night with tributes from friends, as well as a chance for students and faculty to share thoughts as well.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Byron Edingburg Memorial Service
EIU MLK, Jr. Ballroom
6 pm, Wednesday 
Original: 10:00 pm, 4/23/17, Sunday

CHARLESTON — Friends of a 23-year old EIU student are mourning his sudden death.

Early Saturday morning, police found two people shot at a house on 7th Street. Byron Edingburg was one of them.

Some students say they were at the same party as Edingbuirg when a fight broke out and shots were fired. His friends say they don’t believe he would ever get caught in the middle of that.

EIU student James Bateman said he woke up, heard his phone blowing up, and wondered what was going on. The notifications told him his friend was gone.

At first, Bateman did not know what that meant.

“At first I saw the snaps and I’m just like ‘Okay, he probably drank too much,’ because sometimes when people drink too much they’re like ‘Oh he’s gone,'” said Bateman.

Then it clicked and people started checking up on him.

“A lot of people thought that the other person that got injured was me,” said Bateman. “I’m normally hanging out with him a lot.”

Bateman said he’s still trying to process his friend’s death, because what he heard happened doesn’t make sense to him.

He hopes others will understand who Edingburg really was.

“Whatever happened that night, that wasn’t Byron,” said Bateman. “I don’t know what happened. People are saying he was in a fight. That wasn’t him. He was always the peacemaker of it.”

He said he was a guy anyone could get along with. That’s one reason Jaccari Brown became friends with Edingburg two years ago.

“We even made similar kinds of jokes,” said Brown. “We both like to do wild antics.”

Now he and Edingburg’s friends lean on each other for support, mourning the loss of a man they say had everything going for him.

“He was my fun friend. He was my very well-educated friend, really talented,” said Brown. “There’s not a lot of people who can handle going through school and going across the map while still trying to hold a double major.”

“He went to Korea last year. He was going to go to Africa for grad school,” said Bateman.

An officer with the EIU police department said this is the first homicide in Charleston he can recall since 2014.

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