ROSSVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — With spring in the air, some high schoolers are getting ready for prom. A business in Rossville said they want to make sure everyone can enjoy the night without breaking the bank.

The owner of Twisted Sisters in Rossville said she wants to give everyone a chance to have a memorable night, so she came up with a plan.

Twisted Sisters Owner Sherry Decker said, “In 2010, I retired and I have 8 sisters, so we always go to Florida.”

It was the first trip to Florida after Decker retired that she came up with a creative idea.

She said, “When we were all sitting around the pool they said what are you going to do and I said you know how expensive it was for us to go to prom let’s give away prom dresses.”

That’s when Twisted Sisters was born. Now she has given away thousands of dresses.

“I’ve probably given away 4,500 to 5,000 dresses away in 11 years,” said Decker.

She said she gets people from all over.

Decker said, “I have gotten calls from Kankakee, and I had two moms and four girls that came from the east side of Indy.”

It’s about helping kids enjoy prom and helping families that might not otherwise be able to afford a nice dress.

“The family that came over from east Indy four dresses even if they’re $200 a piece that’s 800 bucks,” said Decker.

She said helping makes all the work and using her own money worth it.

Decker said, “I had a guy come in and this has been a couple of years ago. I fixed his daughter up and he was the caregiver for his daughter so there was no mom and I put her in a dress.” She said, “gave her shoes, gave her jewelry and he said ‘You look gorgeous how much is this going to cost me?’ And he said it’s free. He cried, I cried.”

She said she has been busier since COVID-19 has hit. She told us she believes it’s because of a mix of people needing the help and the word spreading.