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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — If you’ve got young kids or teenagers, you’ve probably heard of Fortnite.

The video game just celebrated its first anniversary. It’s free-to-play, and simply put, players can’t get enough of it. 

Asked about it on Facebook, parents are saying its taken over their kids’ lives. That can be both good and bad.

Kids are glued to the game, but they’re also getting a lot of interaction with other players, so they’re not totally secluded.

If you don’t know what Fortnite is, think of Hunger Games. 100 players parachute onto a large island and it’s last man standing for the victory Royale.

“I play for like four hours, but that’s not something that you should be proud of.” 

Cameron, Leighton and Griffin have been playing Fortnite for months. Their parents are slightly less enthusiastic.

“It’s a full-time job and they tell me they’re going to be pros. I think they’re in their rooms for eight hours a day, especially if it’s rainy.”

With school on the horizon, Jeff Kotiw says it’s going to be hard to get them to stop playing. Other families he knows are facing the same situation.

“They’re all seeming to be addicted to Fortnite. This is going around all of America. I read an article the other day MLB teams using all their time on this too.”

But when you’re young, you don’t seem to mind the time is flying by. Cameron and Griffin say they communicate with their friends while playing the game.

It’s a habit counselors say parents shouldn’t be too worried about, unless it gets too out of hand.

“Just like shopping, it can be perfectly okay. You know somebody goes home and they play Fortnite for an hour or two when they don’t have anything else to do. They are done with it they go to bed and they are fine.”

Henry Woolsey says part of the reason it’s so popular is because it’s fairly new.

“Obviously the more popular the game is and more newer the game is, the bigger that spike will be.”

While many kids are riding the popularity wave, many parents, like Kotiw are hoping it fizzles out before classes and piles of homework hit.

“What drives me crazy is, they are on their headphones and they are talking to their teammates and they can’t hear me when I’m asking for them.”

The game is in season five with no hints of slowing down. The game developers add new content each week. It’s free to play, but you can buy things like costumes and other cosmetics to spice up your character. Those small purchases are the main reason the maker of the game is on its way to making $2 billion this year.

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