PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — A lawyer representing the Timber Creek Bed and Breakfast appeared in an online court hearing Thursday, and denied claims that they didn’t hand over all of their financial paperwork.

Owned by Walder Vacuflo Inc., the business was sued and ordered by the court to pay an $80,000 judgment for violating the Illinois Human Rights Act.

That lawsuit came after Todd and Mark Wathen were told by the business in 2011 that they couldn’t host their civil union there because they are gay. The business owners also gave them ‘unsolicited advice.’

The Wathens and their lawyers have still not been paid the judgment amount. On April 15, their attorneys filed a motion for Walder to turn over their real estate holdings to be sold.

At a chancery hearing Thursday, ACLU lawyer Ghirlandi Guidetti told Judge Robert Travers that Walder was not taking the matter seriously and his lawyers were causing procedural delays.

He also noted Walder testified in March that he didn’t even pay himself $1 in 2020. However, financial statements showed around $20,000 in payments to relatives and credit card companies from his corporate account, the lawyer says.

Attorney Jason Craddock is representing Walder. He denied Guidetti’s claims, stating that his client has turned over all documents that were requested.

Guidetti said because Walder made personal transfers, he is personally liable to pay that amount to the Wathens. He also request credit card statements from the B&B owner.

Craddock asked for more testimony and examination to be held before the court makes a decision.

The matter was continued to May 12.