CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WCIA) — Higher prices at the grocery store are prompting some people to turn to food banks to feed their families. The Eastern Illinois Food Bank has seen a 15% increase in people seeking services.

That trend has been consistent over the past couple months. A new survey from Cherry Digital shows 4.3 million people from Illinois skip meals and eat less because the cost of everything has gone up at the grocery store. The food bank said higher prices are having a big impact on their budgets. Options are available.

“If people are facing those higher prices and their budgets are just getting stretched really tight, we’re here for everybody,” said Amanda Borden of the Eastern Illinois Foodbank. “We’re here to help to meet that need. We know that a lot of people are facing a lot of struggles right now and eastern Illinois food bank is here to help.”

With the increased price of meats, other protein, and produce, some people are simply cutting it out of their budget. The Eastern Illinois Food Bank has been helping for decades and leaders say they’re always there to help.