Flying local best way to avoid long TSA lines


SAVOY — Experts at the UI say, if you have to fly, skip the trip to Chicago and try going local. Travelers in the Windy City have seen lines upwards of two or three hours long this month.

Experts say it could be months before things go back to normal. TSA cut some of its workers after they rolled out the “pre-check” program. They expected millions to sign up, but so far, they’ve come up short of that.

The executive director at Willard Airport says more than 1,700 registered there, which was a great turnout for them. But frequent fliers only had a couple weeks to do it.

Sheldon Jacobson, who teaches at UI, says money may have been an issue. It costs $85 for the check which lasts five years. He says if you fly a few times a year, it’s only about as expensive as a cup of coffee.

Officials with Willard Airport say flying out of there may be easier on travelers. One tricky thing about flying out of CMI: the flights fill up quickly.

So, if you know you want to do it, airport officials say you should book as soon as you can. They say they’ve seen plenty of people people passing through who came through Savoy instead of flying out of Chicago.  

As for when those lines could go back to normal, it could be months. Experts at UI say it could be Thanksgiving or Christmas by then. They say the best way to avoid lines, aside from flying out of Willard, is to sign up for the pre-check.

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