Flooding causing concerns

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VILLA GROVE — Flooding is causing concerns for people living in this city. 

Several streets are closed because the water is over the roads. Reports show Villa Grove got about four inches of rain this weekend. 

“The flooding is horrible around this area.” 

Flooded roads and basketball courts underwater are a few of things you can find in the city of villa grove.

“We’re so used to it, it doesn’t scare us off we’re just so used to it.” 

Cassandra Perkins has lived here for thirty seven years. She says any time they see rain in the forecast they prepare for the worst.

“We just basically watch the water if it comes up, or subsides.” 

Her home sits in the middle of two flooded roads. And she wasn’t sure if her son could get to and from school safely.

“I wasn’t for sure if he’d be able to come home that was what concerned me the most.” 

She decided to play it safe and let him stay home.

“He’ll probably go back tomorrow

It’s estimated the city had about four inches of rain come down. And unfortunately with the colder temperatures it could be a while before they get some relief.

“Everybody is like chickens, head cut off we don’t know what to do, trying to put everything up on higher ground.” 

This is a problem the city deals with regularly. And Perkins says this definitely is better than some of the times its happened in the past.

“Back in 93 or 94 our whole front yard was nothing but a river and I remember we had fish in our backyard and I remember my brother fishing off the back porch with a fishing pole.” 

There are still signs up warning drivers about the water on the road. We didn’t hear about anyone with a flooded home. But saw a lot of flooded lawns.

This time four years ago villa grove was dealing with a city shutdown. It was the end of April and several roads were closed.

Firefighters even had to be on standby to help if anyone was stranded. There was damage to several homes. 

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