Flooded farmer works to save his sheep

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COLES COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The area is starting to dry out after getting more than six inches of rain. Flooding was a concern throughout the day, but it wasn’t just a problem for drivers.

One man had to rescue his livestock. He and several others were trying to save sheep from water which came up all the way to their shoulders.

Not many worry about livestock when there are concerns of flooding.

“There’s a creek back behind here and, every now and then, it will flood, but we have a berm around the shed and it actually went around it for the first time.”

After more than six inches of rain, Brad Homann’s home, in Charleston, looks more like a house on the lake than a farmhouse.

“It’s been wet, but it’s never been high enough to actually go over the berm and flood the shed like that.”

But, the water caused a much bigger problem for his animals.

“We had to get the livestock out.”

He says they were in the shed and couldn’t get out because of the water. That’s when several people pitched in. One woman carried one of the sheep to dry ground.

“Sheep aren’t the smartest animals in the world, so they just kind of stayed put and hung out.”

Homann will now have to wait for the water to recede, but animals weren’t the only ones dealing with water. Several hours after the rain stopped, many spots were still drenched.

To keep everyone safe, some roads were closed. Lake Land College, in Mattoon, even sent students home early.

Homann says it will be a few days before they start to see things dry out.

“We’ll find out, first time, so hopefully, it’s pretty quick and quits raining. We farm too, so we do need it to dry up one of these days.”

IDOT closed a section of Route 316. People in Mattoon who had to evacuate their homes headed to an area church for shelter.

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