Flood waters causing problems

Local News

MAHOMET, Ill. (WCIA) — The rain isn’t letting up in some cities across Central Illinois. Even if you are seeing the sun, so many areas are still flooded, including parts of the forest preserve. Staff is trying to keep up.

There are fields in the county filled with water. A lot of farmers can’t work in these conditions. They’ll likely have to wait days after it dries up to get out in the fields.

Some roads at the Lake of The Woods are also closed because of the flooding.

“I came in at 5 this morning to open,” Doug Sanders says. “When I got here it wasn’t too bad, but a couple of hours after I got here, it started raining again and the river just continues to rise.”

It’s not just the river being inundated, other areas are swamped.

“A lot of the bike paths have patches where the river has overflowed the banks,” Sanders says.

It’s not ideal weather for outdoor activities. But not everyone is deterred. One runner just found a different route. 

“I would have run down the bike path but when the Sangamon comes out of its banks, it comes over the bike path,” Paul Schaap says.

Not everything is an easy fix, though. Some farm fields have so much water in them, ducks have moved in for a swim and some soccer fields are so drenched you can’t see where the goal meets the ground. A pavilion at Lake of The Woods scheduled to be used in the next few days is surrounded by water.

“This weekend is a busy weekend but we’re working to try and find another facility within the forest preserve that they could move their rental to,” Lisa Sprinkle says.

With water sitting just a couple of feet from the bottom side of the covered bridge, those with the preserve want to make sure people are safe. 

“We put signs out and hopefully people will use their good judgment,” Sanders says.

With rain in the forecast for almost all of next week, water levels could keep raising. 

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