Fire department gives advice for campus fire safety month

Local News

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)- September is a campus fire safety month, so the Fire department is reminding students how to stay safe. First on the list is double-checking smoke alarms in off-campus housing. In 2016, former University of Illinois student Christian Sheehan died in a house fire because it had a broken smoke alarm. Because of him, the department created a proactive smoke alarm installation program. They often see students moving into apartments that used to be single-family homes, so they aren’t equipped for fire safety.

Here are a few things Champaign fire member Janet Maupin suggest when looking for apartments. “Paying attention when shopping for next year’s apartment, which is coming right up soon, they’ll be singing leases, and we recommend they look for buildings that have complete sprinkler systems in them,” said Maupin. Another common cause of fires is cooking. Almost 50%of fires on campus are caused in the kitchen.

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