Few answers in shooting of infant

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Neighbors want answers after a child was shot and rushed to the hospital early Sunday morning.

Family members say the child is now recovering. Police say 30-year old Tarvelle Williams, of Springfield, is a suspect for the shooting in the 100-block of West Laurel, about 8 am, Sunday.

So much remains unknown and authorities are trying to piece together the story. A lieutenant says he’s never dealt with a gun victim this young in his 21-years on the force.

A close family friend says the child is just 7-months old. Police say the baby was struck in the lower half of her body. Fortunately, it sounds like she’ll be okay. What’s still unclear is how she was shot in the first place.

The 7-month old baby girl, now the latest victim of gun violence in the city. Sunday morning, police arrived to the 100-block of West Laurel to find the child struck by a bullet.

“I was shocked. It’s just mortifying to know something like that happened.”

Travis Kalb’s home shares an alleyway with the building where it happened. He didn’t hear the gunshot, but saw the aftermath.

“We seen the caution tape put up around the parking lot and a swarm of police officers.”

Kalb has lived here just a year. He describes it as a quiet area; making the news all the more disturbing.

“It’s scary.”

“How did this happen? Was it the adults? You know, just tons of questions.”

Questions are now swirling about gun safety in particular. Kalb says the incident is an example of why he doesn’t have guns in his home.

Angela Hodoe, who lives just a block away from the crime scene, is a proud gun owner and says this is a lesson.

“Parents have to be responsible enough if they have guns in the house to make sure that their children are aware of it and make sure it’s not a toy.”

Police have not confirmed how the child was shot or who owns the firearm. Williams is the only suspect in custody. The shooting remains under investigation.  

The mother would only confirm the baby is okay. Police have not confirmed if the suspect legally owned the gun.

Just last week, Governor JB Pritzker passed legislation to try to stop illegal guns from hitting the streets by putting more rules on gun stores.

Democrats could introduce more gun control plans. One would increase penalties for adults who don’t properly store firearms out of reach of children.   

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