Fellow, former classmates pay it forward

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MOWEAQUA, Ill. (WCIA) — Doing for others who are less fortunate makes you feel good. It’s even better when helping an old friend.

A group of people graduated from the same high school decades ago. Now, they’re coming together to help an old classmate.

They’re collecting donations to help a family caught in the Taylorville tornado. The tornado which hit Taylorville damaged hundreds of homes.

When Bethany Morse saw her old friend dealing with the aftermath, she knew she had to do something.

“I saw that she was struggling. April is a little warrior. She’s not the type of person to ask for help.”

Morse’s friend, April Moma, was resting before work when the tornado hit. Her home was saved, but her parents’ house wasn’t.

“The home was totally destroyed.”

Moma’s daughter, Jordan, was in the house with her grandparents at the time. They all got out okay, but Jordan is still dealing with what she went through.

“She’s still having nightmares because the ceilings fell in on her.”

Jordan has tubular sclerosis. Her mom says the 18-year old is developmentally around 7 or 8.

“She’s scared the tornado is going to come back. She’s scared to get in my car.”

In the tornado, Jordan’s blood sugar meter, insulin bag and glasses were lost.

“Would do everything I can to help her.”

And, so would her old friends. Bethany Morse got in touch with Jay Giles who owns Forston’s Barber Shop. They graduated from high school with Moma. When they saw what she was dealing with, they asked the community to donate.

“I’ve had people start bringing in clothing and materials and we’ve started getting some cash in to help April and her daughter.”

Moma says she hopes the support will bring peace for Jordan.

“I want her to have her spirit back. I want her to be happy.”

And, create a memorable holiday for them all.

“It just helps us all to remember that, even in all this devastation, there is still the spirit of Christmas there.”

They’re collecting donations at the barber shop for awhile. 

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