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Fatal crash

Latest: 7:15 am, 4/18/17, Tuesday

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- The name of the passenger involved in a fatal rollover accident has been released. It happened near County Road 200 North, just outside Allerton, at the Vermilion-Champaign county line.

55-year old Randy Leeman, of Paris, died after shortly after being airlifted to a hospital. 22-year old Blake Wester, of Marshall, was the passenger.  

He was also taken to the hospital, but with non-life threatening injuries. Police say neither person was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

Latest: 6:30 pm, 4/17/17, Monday

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- A Paris man is dead after an accident Monday morning. It happened near County Road 200 North, just outside Allerton, at the Vermilion-Champaign county line.

 A 22-year old passenger was also hurt, but is expected to survive. Police said 55-year old Randy Leeman was driving north when he hit a curve. His car rolled multiple times before landing in a ditch.

"It hit me really hard. Then, I was talking with my girlfriend and she let me use my car to come up here and figure out what exactly happened," said Andrew Hale, a friend of both men involved in the crash.

Hale had to see it to believe it. He drove up from Paris right after he heard his friend was in a bad wreck. The first time, he said police wouldn't let him come close. The second time, he came with Jacob Lynch.

"I just can't believe all this happened. It's just so crazy," said Lynch.

Both were speechless when they saw evidence of the crash. From the tire tracks in the grass where it started, to the knocked over sign, to the deep ruts where the car came to a stop.

They said Leeman was the last person they would have thought this would happen to.

"He's always the kind of person to make sure you're wearing your seatbelt and make sure you're not swerving, or speeding and all that," said Lynch.

Hale said he talked with the passenger 15 minutes before it happened. He spent time with Leeman just last week.

"He was a real family-oriented person," said Hale.

After hearing, and now seeing what happened, Hale said he and Lynch still have more questions than answers.

"He would go out of his way to do anything for you," said Hale. "He was generally an amazing man. He was honestly one of the best men I've ever known."

Police are not releasing the name of the passenger at this time. Hale said the two were friends, but not related to each other.

Authorities said they don't know whether both men were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident. Friends say they used the road a lot to go to Champaign.

Update: 4:30 pm, 4/17/17, Monday

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- The name of the man who died in a single-vehicle crash Monday morning has been released. The coroner says 55-year old Randy Leeman, of Paris, died Monday morning at the hospital.

The crash happened near Allerton. 

Original: 12:00 pm, 4/17/17, Monday

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- A man is dead after a morning wreck. The car was headed north on IL-49 near 200 North, when it left the road and hit the ditch. Police say the car overturned several times.

The 55-year old driver was flown to the hospital where he later died. The 22-year old passenger was also taken to the hospital for serious injuries. No names are being released at this time.

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